What's with the Tagline?

When I was in my 20's, one of my best friends said, "Ang is either someone you like or don't like; there is no in-between." I agree; however, in the past few years, I have discovered it may take people a few encounters with me to make their final decision. What exactly does that mean? I'm unsure as I have no idea how I come across to those who meet me for the first time. I like to think I'm "normal" and know how to make a good impression, but I sometimes come across as "different." Different, how you ask? Well, let's talk about that tagline.

"Angela! What's wrong with you?" is said to me by Gary, my husband, my family, and my close friends quite a bit. I'll try to explain in words as simply as possible, but you may need to watch one of the Schnappin Deals FaceBook Lives or What's Schnappin YouTube Channel to actually understand. I tend to think of random things that have nothing to do with the subject being discussed and then decide to share them with those around me. For example, 2 days ago, I was talking with a group of acquaintances, and the discussion turned to exercise. For some reason, I thought of the kid's song about the nose and toes but couldn't remember the name. One of my ladies informed me it was "Heads, Shoulders, Knees & Toes." So I then said, "Oh, I only know the song "Do your breasts (but not the word breasts, but the word that starts with b and then has 2 o's and then another b) hang long, do they wobble too and fro, can you tie them in a knot, can you tie them in a bow. Do they go flip-flop? Do they wobble when you hop? Do your breasts (again, the b 2 o's and another b) hang low?" I felt it necessary to sing the entire ditty, which is why I hear, "Angela! What's wrong with you?" often.

So after months of trying to think of a catchy tagline for this blog, I figured this one would be perfect as I hope new readers will give me a few chances before making their final decision. I will start blogging about our businesses, Schnappin Deals and Schnappin Outlet, both brick-and-mortar stores that we stock with merchandise from overstock semi-load pallets. But I'm guessing along the way, I'll add stories about other topics that have nothing to do with business but popped into my head along with the urgent need to share with others.


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