What's Schnappin?

"SchNappin Deals" may refer to SchNappin, is a dba (Doing business as) under MPress Workshop LLC that offers daily deals and discounts on various products and services through our retail store and website. The deals are often available for a limited time or until a certain quantity is sold, and can provide significant savings to customers.

SchNappin offers significant discounts, often 40 to 90% off the original retail price. However, the merchandise at a SchNappin store may be imperfect or have minor flaws, and some items may not come with warranties or guarantees. It's important to carefully inspect the products before purchasing and understand our return policy before making a purchase.

SchNappin Deals ($10 or Less!) and SchNappin Outlet is located at the Northland Mall in Sterling, Illinois. SchNappin sells excess inventory, discontinued products, New-Open box, Damaged retail box but an unused product, or overstocked items.

The inventory at SchNappin stores can include a wide range of products, such as clothing, electronics, furniture, toys, home goods, and more. The merchandise is sourced from various places, including store closures, bankruptcies, seasonal clearances, or other situations where large quantities of products need to be sold quickly.