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SkyCurve Rectangular Platform Swing

SkyCurve Rectangular Platform Swing

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New - Assembled and ready to use. 

Ground control to Captain Sky, sky mobile is set to fly high! Our award-winning HearthSong SkyCurve Rectangular Platform Swing is large and sturdy enough to take four small astronauts to the Moon...or one gorilla (we don’t recommend a gorilla in your yard OR on the swing). Ready for your mission all the way up to the moon? Fly there sitting, standing, or even snoozing through it all. If you happen to see an asteroid passing, the blue (da ba dee da ba di) swinging aircraft will quickly dodge it and dry fast from any space showers. Don’t be shy to say hello to the alien tree and hang out together hung by the two hanging straps. Adult astronaut assembly required, but then the moontastic fun begins and never stops!

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