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Mix & Match Bundle Soap Bath Bombs Shower Steamers

Mix & Match Bundle Soap Bath Bombs Shower Steamers

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Say hello to silky smooth moisturized skin, and amazing scent. Mix and match any bar soap, shower steamer, or bath bomb in any combination of your liking for $25.

 Our Brand Values

 We care about the environment and the impact our products could potentially have on this beautiful world that we love to explore!  That's why we're careful about what materials we use, what ingredients we choose to create our products with, and what you take with you on your adventures!

Our products will always:
 Be as natural and sustainable as possible! 
-  Have easy to read ingredient labels! -  if you ever have questions after reading our ingredient glossary please reach out, we are always happy to help!
- Sulfate-Free - no harsh detergents and super chemically formulas!
- Paraben-Free we don't use preservatives that disrupt the endocrine system.  
- Phthalate-Free - any scents we use don't have endocrine disrupting ingredients and are safe for you & your family!
- No Animal Testing - our ingredients, our packaging & our product testing, no components that go into making Rock Creek Soaps products are tested on animals! (they may be tested on us... but that's because we want them to work great for you!) 
- Our Boxes - are made in the USA - Oregon to be exact, they are made with recycled materials, and they are fully recyclable and biodegradable. Why is it important that they are made in the USA? Local jobs, less freight cost, not made overseas, and not creating ocean waste.
Our Shrink Film - made with Biolefin, fully biodegradable in your backyard compost!  

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