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Long Beach Music Kalimba Thumb Piano, 17 Keys

Long Beach Music Kalimba Thumb Piano, 17 Keys

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Learn a new instrument and play tunes with the Kalimba thumb piano by Long Beach Music. African in origin, this traditional instrument is also known as the mbira. The Kalimba finger piano is hand-crafted from mahogany wood with a circular carving of a marching line of rhinos, lions and other animals. Across the top are 17 keys made of steel ore, each embossed with its corresponding note letter. This makes thumb placement easy. The piano also includes a chart showing the note equivalents. Two small holes in the back and one in the front produce high-quality tones. A detailed instruction manual makes the 17-key piano suitable for all skill levels and shows how to play three simple tunes to get you started. Other accessories include a tuning hammer, a knurled grip to adjust the keys as needed and a carrying bag with a cinch closure.
Long Beach Music Kalimba Thumb Piano, 17 Keys, Portable.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: This Kalimba thumb piano has a silhouette of African safari animals engraved around the sound hole, true to the origin of the mbira thumb piano
  • QUALITY MATERIALS: The handcrafted, mahogany Kalimba finger piano body comes embossed with note letters for easy thumb placement; 2 holes on the back allow for rich sound
  • EASY TO PLAY: Key thumb piano is suitable for a wide age range and easy to learn; a detailed instruction manual shows how to read the KTAB score and teaches you how to play three songs; Farewell, Twinkle Little Star and You Are My Sunshine
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: Finger thumb piano consists of a tuning hammer, a carrying bag and a note scale chart
  • DIMENSIONS: 17 key piano measures 9.2" x 7.4" x 2.9" and is compact and portable
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