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MilesDecor DIY 3D Foam Wall Clock (Black)

MilesDecor DIY 3D Foam Wall Clock (Black)

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MilesDecor DIY 3D Foam Wall Clock (Black), Large & Frameless, Self- Adhesive Decal Digits with Accurate Quartz Movement, Suitable for Home Décor, Living & Dining Room, Kitchen, Study Room, School

Our antique free- shaped and frameless 3D wall-clock is crafted for customized decoration to look amazing on any wall. This clock can be attached directly to the walls, ceramic tiles, windows, etc. Also, for easier removing, you can use a hair dryer to melt the adhesive and loosen the grip for easier peeling from the wall.

The luxurious vintage quartz movement works on battery operated mechanism and gives precise time. The clock’s finishing size depends on your preference to decorate your wall, the minimum achieving is: 50-70cm / 19"-27".

Our 3D wall clock is ideal for smooth walls. Unclean walls, grey walls or wallpaper on the wall will decrease the adhesive properties behind the stickers resulting in the stickers coming off time and again. You can use a strong glue for auxiliary installations in case you wish to locate the clock on not- so- smooth surface.

How to Install? 1. Select the wall where you want to install the clock. Carefully clean the surface with a damp cloth and let it dry.
2. Peel off the protective films from the stickers of the numbers and paste them on the wall gently.
3. Press the wall stickers once again for better hold.
4. Install AA battery at the back of the mechanism and adjust the time as per your requirement.
5. Now hang the clock drawing and enjoy a smooth and timeless experience with this timepiece.

Please Note: The decals are made of EVA which is similar as foam.

Product Specifications

Brand- MilesDecor
Material- EVA (similar to foam)
Draft standards of combined size- 38.5 cm
Movement Diameter- 100 mm
Height- 20 mm
Digital Height- 15 mm
Digital Size- 5 * 7 cm

  • ☛ [QUIET MOVEMENT]:- Do you find the ticking of the clocks annoying? If yes, then we have designed our wall clock to give you a silent experience. The silent sweeping and mute movement of the clock will give you a quiet night. We have adopted quality quartz for sweep movement and accuracy for precision. Now enjoy peaceful and comfortable moments.
  • ☛ [EASY TO READ]:- The oversized black digits in contrast with the black hands provides ease to read the time. The elegant and simple design of the clock is not only eye- catching but also makes it a classic and timeless piece. It can be placed in pubs, bars, hotels, garden, schools, etc. to give access to the ease of reading the time.
  • ☛ [EASY TO INSTALL]:- The self-adhesive stickers are easy to stick on the clean surface or walls. The fun DIY task to install the clock would give you a great time bonding with your family while installing the clock. The clear and precise user manual to guide with the installation process comes along with the package. The clock operates on AA battery but the same are not included.
  • ☛ [COMMITMENT OF SERVICE]:- We assure quality with our products and make sure that our customers are satisfied. However, in case you are not happy, we provide you 100% replacement, repair or return warranty. Please feel free to contact us in case of any query or grievance.
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