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Trobing Standing Desk Mat Balance Board with Rollerball

Trobing Standing Desk Mat Balance Board with Rollerball

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If you like standing at your desk and want some sort of distraction to keep fatigue at bay, Trobing rocking mat is a very worthwhile investment. More Movement, More Blood Flow, And A Healthier You.

A Fun Way To Relieve Pain
Giving you multiple wobble ways to stand to relieve knee stiffness and change up your position, which will help relieve your pain in lower back, legs, knee, heels,and ankles etc.

Alleviates Fatigue & More Productive
Trobing Active Mat always allows people to do unconscious wobble actions whenever the body signals for a break. That will leave you feeling energized and productive.

Product Features:
8.2° Wobble Angle
Anti-fatigue Arch Massage Roller Ball
Anti-fatigue foot Massage Points
Genuine Leather Hanging Strap
Comfortable High-Density Surface
Solid Natural Hard Wood & Non-Slip Bottom
Medium Size: 20.87”(L) X 13.39”(W) X 2.6”(T)
Maximum Weight Capacity: 350lbs

The Different Textures And Balance Style Are Gentle On The Feet, Knees, Hips, And Back etc.

1. Side To Side Rocking
It keeps your legs and body busy whenever the body signals for a break so we are sure this is better for your entire body, not to mention it keeps you from getting bored during long work.

2. Forward And Back Rocking
It also allows you to stretch your calves this way. Turn it 90 degrees and stand on it so that you can rock forward and back. Easily shift your weight on the balance board.

3. The Arch Anti-Fatigue Ball is a Bonus.
Rolling your foot with this roller ball provides a self-controlled massage and stretch for the bottom of the foot and plantar fascia.Built-in design, will not be lost.

4. Home Fitness
A perfect companion for doing some home exercises, suck as Push Up exercise or Balance squat. Or grab it out to stand and stay active when you’r reading or watching a funny movie.

  • Exclusive Design: Built-In 360° Foot Massage Ball
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 350 Lbs
  • 5-Year Warranty for Free
  • ✅ The Perfect Match for Standing Desk: Our Standing Desk Mat Balance Board offers supportive and comfortable cushioning for prolonged standing. With an 8.2° tilting angle design, it allows easy side-to-side and back-and-forth rocking, helping you adjust your posture and engage your muscles. This alleviates fatigue and leg tension, maintains a high level of focus, and improves work efficiency.
  • ✅ Built-in 360° Foot Massage Ball: Our Standing Desk Mat Balance Board is equipped with a built-in 360° rotation roller ball, which is its best feature for relieving tired feet. The top of the wobble balance board features massage points that gently reduce fatigue and promote blood circulation in the legs.
  • ✅ Great for Home & Office Fitness: Our Standing Desk Mat Balance Board can also be used for exercise. You can perform push-ups, squats, planks, and other exercises on it. Keep your legs, core, and body active while working, reading, watching TV, or playing video games.
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