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Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Solar Powered

Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Solar Powered

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1. Please strip the transparent protective film on the top of the solar panel to ensure that it can effectively absorb sunlight.

2. Do not block the PIR sensor, choose a place where the solar panel on the top can receive sunlight for a long time.

3. Install the device in the direction where animals are located.

4. Installation height depends on the size of the animal. The larger the animal, the higher the installation height. For some larger animals, we recommend that you hang the device on a wall or fence.

5. Turn the x Audible Alarm x knob to turn the alarm on/off and adjust the volume.

6. Rotate the x Frequency x knob to turn on/off sound waves and LED flickers, and select different frequency bands for different animals.

Frequency band

Mode 0: Off

Mode 1:13.5 kHz19.5 kHz, driving mice, rats, dogs, foxes, minks and other animals.

Mode 2:19.5 kHz24.5 kHz, can repel cats, raccoons, badgers, skunks and other animals.

Mode 3: 24.5KHz45.5khz, can repel bats, birds, rodents and other animals.

Mode 4: Light flashes to drive away raccoons, wild boar, mink and other animals.

Mode 5: Drive away all animals and birds with variable frequency and powerful LED flash.

The package includes

1x Solar ultrasonic animal repeller

1x USB cable

1x aluminum installation

1x User Manual

  • [Ultrasonic Upgrade Design] : This Solar Ultrasonic Repellent emits high frequency ultrasonic waves, which can repel cats, dogs, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, rabbits, rodents, foxes, deer and other animals. The repeller is also equipped with an LED flash, which can be used at night or in low light environments to increase the repeller effect.
  • [Solar Waterproof, All-Day Protection] : This Ultrasonic Animal Repeller uses solar power and has a solar panel on top to enhance charging performance and work continuously for longer. This outdoor repellent uses a waterproof ring, which is more waterproof and can be used in heavy rain and snow environments.
  • [Working Principle] : When the animal enters the detection range of the repeller, it will automatically start, and emit ultrasound and strong light flash to drive the animal out. The repeller has a highly sensitive motion sensor that can detect the movement of the animal and thus initiate the repeller function in time.
  • [Easy Installation] : Select an area that needs to be protected, make sure that there is no shelter in the area, insert the plug part of the repeater into the ground, make sure that the plug is firmly inserted, find the switch on the repeater and turn it on. You can adjust the ultrasonic frequency, volume and flash brightness of the repeater as needed. These Settings can be optimized for different types of animals to improve the repelling effect.
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